Walking Each Other HomeAs we walked along the river immersing ourselves in the sunshine I saw an older lady slumped over her bags sobbing. I took her hand and asked if she was alright? She sobbed some more and through her tears she said “I cannot get home- I have missed my last bus” I sat down beside her and motioned my grown up son to offer her some water. I looked around and could see no other people had noticed her- this lady was perhaps in her 90s and as she sat in her own despair she seemed invisible to everyone. She had a large shopping trolley that she looked too frail to pull behind her, I could see no cashpoints or means of giving her any money so I decided to order her a taxi to wherever she wanted to go and pre paid it with my card. Initially she was alarmed- asking for my address so she could return the favour. I held her hand again and looked into her eyes and said ” Please allow me to do this for you as others have been so kind to me when I have been in need ?” She thought for a moment and then said “May I pray for you over the next 6 days?” I smiled and said “Please do”
We hugged and as she sat in the back of the cab she said “You are an angel” my reply “So are you”

((((( ❤️ )))))
I am grateful for the opportunity to share my humanity!