The pattern that your soul had etched for your incarnation before you were born includes pathways that were designed to carry you through this life fluidly and effectively. These pathways were meant to serve you so you could fulfill your soul’s purposes with elegance and ease.

This doesn’t mean that your soul offers you a friction-free life. Rather, the pathways it builds for you include experiences, relationships and circumstances that will grow you into the person who has the capacity to fulfill both your soul’s purposes and those of your incarnation. New growth flourishes at the boundaries where differences meet. Despite the friction that arises naturally when differences collide, these borderlands are fertile ground for your evolving self.

However…the world has changed, since you were born. Those original pathways may no longer be the optimal ones for navigating the terrain in which your life is now embedded.

Your soul adapts. It casts new maps, opens new trails which will lead you, with equal effectiveness, to fulfill its purposes, and those of your incarnation. All you have to do is slow down, pay attention to your soul’s calligraphy, and meet it with the full power of your personhood.

Settle into the field in which you commune with your soul. Ask your soul to reveal the new pathways it has opened for you, in this dimension and in the subtle-energy realms.

Hiro Boga