Timesphere“Crystalline Grid” is the term used to describe the complex grid-like pathway or matrix of high-frequency energy that is part of the Earth’s energetic architecture.
This grid of light is encoded with the divine design for humanity’s transition into a highly advanced multidimensional interface.
This upgrade evolves the race from separation and conflict and into the non-polarized, timeless dimensions of universal principle, where totality and oneness are the reflection.
This new morphogenetic field is gradually replacing the current, time coded Earth hologram from which the human race has maintained its connection, and adherence to a timeline of duality and extreme suffering.
The Crystalline Grid is a bridge, linking us back to our Source… and to the unified field.
The Crystalline Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional realities.
These sites are repositories of subtle energies that have a corresponding effect on an individual’s state of awareness.
They serve as magnetic nodes where intimacy with spiritual energy can more easily be experienced.
As part of the grid network, there are numerous geographical areas that serve as the “central power stations”, while anchoring this advanced grid system to the Earth.
These power nodes hold a highly concentrated level of divinely coded crystalline energy, and emit a high vibrational field.
They are the massive energy fields that are supporting humanity’s transition into a more intelligent life form.