The fourth Ray of white light (white flame), stands in the middle of the seven rays, and as such it symbolises a central point ie a point of balance and harmony. The white Ray stimulates the creativity, art, and beauty. The white flame is especially sensitive to sounds and colours. Here we can learn discrimination, velocity and search for perfection. The intuitive strength is especially emphasised, as it calls for love, life and understanding.

On Wednesday we should perform the White Flame Invocation since the outpouring of this ray is at its maximum. Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and His task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray. 

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. He sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension. He gives us hope and teaches us about the virtues of true religion. Archangel Gabriel teaches you that religion means developing love and gratitude for all life, developing love towards God, Who has given life and Who sustains your presence in the universe for so many millions of years, in hope that through yourself you will fulfill your preordination. This task you can fulfill through no other being but yourself, since this is your contribution to the magnificent cosmic texture, that only your life stream can weave and become.

The white ray exhibits the greatest power of purification.

For the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon who continue to protect the Earth Mother 🙏🏻 May all beings be free of the tyranny of the ego ❤️