The Rise Of EarthThe Earth’s vibrational frequency continues to rise, subjecting all life upon the planetary body to a constant stream of evolutionary upgrade.

This energetic quickening has set into momentum a matrix shift for our entire planet, evolving the race from separated consciousness into the non-polarized, timeless dimensions of universal principle, where totality and oneness are the reflection.

The emergence of another, more sustaining field of collective coherence is gradually replacing the current, time coded Earth hologram from which the human race has long maintained its connection, and strict adherence to a timeline of duality and extreme suffering.


We are in a period of great initiation for an entire planet, which is demonstrating the deep-rooted changes required to insure the survival of the human race. As a result, all that is not in harmonic resonance with the new, higher vibration is being purged for ultimate transformation.

The effect upon human consciousness is a critical initiatory phase that is referred to as, the ‘dark night of the soul’. This highly purposeful phase of purification is when the illusions of the separated self are stripped away to eventually reveal the true divine nature, and a more expanded perceptual awareness.

Many of us can reflect upon our own experiences in the dark night of the soul and can certainly understand the deep levels of confusion and pain that this can bring. The intensity of an entire race simultaneously enduring such a challenging ‘rite of passage’ is unprecedented.

We are now witnessing serious turbulence born from the sheer immensity of a global dark night of the soul. Outplaying as mass upheaval, agitation, disorientation, extreme violence and reactionary outbursts, these appear to be the last desperate attempts of the “shadow ego energetic” as it bucks and rears to maintain its foothold. These shifting throes also trigger great levels of despair, victimization and horrific suffering.

All of this will most assuredly intensify as the old grid of divisive consciousness continues to buckle.

The questions now become… what can be done to help alleviate such distressing conditions? How can we assist the greatest possible numbers of people?


Assisting Humanity through the Dark Night of the Soul