By creating ceremony, we are able to access the sacred in an intimate and relevant way in our daily life. Water Ceremonies are a beautiful way to honour and celebrate the healing waters of the earth. Water is our most vital life resource and by taking a few moments to let go of what is bothering us, releasing it to the waters and also give thanks for all the blessings and abundance in our lives we can find a place of inner peace and serenity.

In a time when the waters are rapidly diminishing and becoming more toxic, it is even more crucial to turn to the methods of honouring the waters. This can be a very simple ceremony in which we fill a bowl of water and light a candle, taking a moment to reflect on the power, beauty and life giving qualities of water. We may want to tune in closely to the fact that much of our bodies are made up of water, just as the earth is covered in water.

We can spend a few minutes contemplating the myriad of forms that water takes such as oceans, streams, rainfall, clouds, lakes and rivers. As we connect to the cycle of water and its journey through air, over earth, in and out of our bodies, we naturally drop into a state of interconnected well being.

Katalina Koda