I invite my soul to bring forth all the energies, frequencies, imprints, cellular memory, skills, abilities, activations and embodiments I require to move with ease and perfection through the coming year achieving powerful accelerated ascension and deep awakening within my being as well as profound healing on all levels of my being. May I move beyond illusion into truth; the truth of my soul and the Creator.

I call upon the Creator to shower me in sacred blessings aligned to my soul purpose and physical / spiritual reality upon the Earth. I receive these blessings with ease perfection and gratitude knowing they will promote and create within my being and reality enhanced healing, rejuvenation of my entire being, peace within my heart, abundance in all forms within my reality, prosperity continuously flowing, unity consciousness, plentiful joy, ecstatic happiness, experiences of security, encompassing safety, complete fulfillment sacred fulfilling love, magical loving relationship, and all my heart and soul wishes to experience in this sacred existence upon the Earth.

And So It Is _/\_