The Chichen TempleIn the cycles of the Sun and the Stars, in the movements of the earth and the cosmos, the message of a journey to enlightenment is written.

Many thousands of years ago,ancient seers understood this- revering the Sun as the highest symbol of Divine Consciousness , and its Light the Spiritual source of creation.

Its major stages at the Solstice and Equinoxes became the dominent alignment of Sacred Sites all over the world,as well as central events in the lives of many spiritual figures. Today these ancient remains can still be decoded to reveal their message of spiritual enlightenment.

Many ancient people knew that the natural world and its cycles contain the principles of creation,and that these principles are spiritual in their nature.

At an ancient Maya sacred site called Chichen Itza, there is a pyramid known as El Castillo dedicated to Kukulcán the feathered serpent. At the equinoxes the Sun creates an undulating pattern of light which links up a stone serpent head at its base. As the Sun sets the scales undulate and eventually disappear giving the visual affect of the serpent descending the nine terraces of the pyramid.

The feathered serpent is an esoteric symbol found in various cultures (with the serpent symbolising the higher feminine aspect and the feathers symbolising the eagle and the higher male aspect). The nine terraces depict the nine layers of the underworld,which the Maya were aware of. The descent of the feathered serpent down the nine terraces enacts the symbolic descent into the underworld in the process of enlightenment.

Excerpt from The Path Of The Spiritual Sun – Mark & Angela Pritchard

My sister Ahtayaa Leigh and I will be making a Sacred Pilgrimage to Chichen  Itza for the Autumn Equinox. (Friday 22nd September).
There,we will be setting the intention for deep forgiveness for ourselves and the collective, and deep healing to Mother Gaia on a cellular level. We will also be doing a live audio transmission from Ahtayaa and a one hour Sacred Dance Ceremony from me Anandi from this Sacred Site.

You can join us freely via the internet.


Our events page will follow

So much Love Anandi ❤️