A hundred years ago we lived in a world devoid of chemical impact. There were no “food allergies” Or “cancers”, nor were people medicated pharmaceutically. In the first World War we saw the introduction of both atomic weapons and chemical processes within the food and water chain that we had never seen before, such as tinned goods and specific chemicals added to foods in order to extend their shelf life. The advent of indoor toilets introduced chemical cleaning fluids to the water system to clenase it of both human and animal waste and in the USA flouride was added to the water. Where once we used herbs and nature to assist the body to heal, we were advised by the government that the new pharmaceutical era being ushered in had an answer chemically to all human ails, some healing plants were even made illegal at this time to support this new chemical medicine being used by the population. With the roll out of this atomic age came some other understandings regarding frequency, we begin to see a huge grid of electricity that covers the majority of the world and the current of this grid’s ability to permeate a remotely pre – programmed frequency out into the population. All of these new waves of frequency have been slowly released over the past 100 years and in that time we have seen the advent of all manner of previously unheard of illnesses such as – All cancers, food allergies,hay fever, Alzheimer’s and all manner of chronic illness’, fibromyalgia, perpetual migraines….. the list goes on. What these illnesses are in their totality is as a direct result of chemical overload. Our lymphatic system unable to keep on top of the toxicity in the atmosphere, in the water and in the food chain.

The common cold is our own internal cleaning system (janitor), when our bodies become over toxic, the “janitor” does not have the ability to clean certain toxins so the body (which is an incredible creation of God/dess) creates a cleaning fluid specifically designed to clean the toxically compromised cell, this is known as a “Virus”. The body does all this using a series of electrical currents from the brain to whichever cell. We are designed to self regenerate and nature grows all that we need to do this. You might say “Our” design is perfection itself. We also find in nature that trees and other organisms also use this same electrical current to communicate to itself, ie – a trees internal coding will communicate to its leaves in autumn to absorb the nutrients from each leaf into its store piles in order that the tree is nourished throughout winter. There is a much higher intelligence at work here that has not made a mistake in the design of our planet.

Why then, we must ask, has the meticulous design of this world begun to unravel in the last 100 years? Why are there so many cancers now that the Dr’s can’t keep up with all the differing types? Why do birds & wildlife fall down dead when they erect new phone masts? Why do people get runny eyes and sores when they spray the land with pesticides? Why are the coral reef being bleached? Why is the world heating up so rapidly? Why are we attempting to heal cancer with the very thing that caused it? (radiation), and why do Dentists and Dr’s leave the room when doing x rays but other radiation absorption is ok? 

All of the answers to these questions point to radiation and chemical poisoning which has been rolled out in the last 100 years. At every step up in radiation the population has had an adverse reaction. The level of toxicity now is over the tipping point and your government knows this. 

Even in Ancient Greece Plato made reference to the burgeoning issue of “Population Control” and he died around 347 bc. Fast forward to 1974 where Kissinger addressed world governments stating “The biggest problem world government faces is that of population control”. 

Our planet , the animals and we as humans are being poisioned. 

We must unite and peacfully come together in revolution to protect this earth and our childrens future. These are the questions we should be addressing in the midst of this worldwide issue we see before us.