Sacred Realms by Kathleen Farago May I awoke today to discover that one of the Great Visionaries of our time has passed away. Kathleen Farago May you were an exemplary human being full of compassion and Love.

Thank you so very much for holding my hand as I took my first tentative steps in becoming an artist. For creating my “Anandi” signature glyph that I will always use in my artworks. You were so much more than a fractal artist as you described yourself. Your works were an indepth look at colour and Light and were an absolute type of genius only other artists would truly recognise with your layer upon layer of Light and Colour swirling through Infinity! Tears…. I will miss you. Your legacy and artworks will live on in the hearts and minds of us all for eternity. Til next we meet again angel….

So much Love Anandi ❤️

Artwork “Transfinity” by Kathleen Farago May