Here are a number of sets I have created to show you the type of experience you can expect musically from our Live Sacred Dance Ceremonies.

When we do these events live they will last realistically for a minimum of 3 hours and depending on the vibration have gone on into the small hours.

This is very powerful dance meditation that has a similar effect to that of plant medicines used by the indigenous peoples to connect us with our higher selves in a deep and meaningful way!

The venue will have been modified beforehand with crystals insences and candles to create an incredibly beautiful and warm inviting environment.

We will begin with a sitting mediation where we will ground with breathing excersises and align ourselves with the core intention of channeling the Light of Great Spirit into the crystalline core of Gaia.

Gently I will begin the event with slow and beautiful frequencies,evolving over the next 2 hours into a pulsing crescendo. Our sole intention throughout the experience will be that of channelling Light to our Great Mother Gaia!

Please contact me in the “Get Connected” section here or by personal email at for a more detailed description of what the Ceremony entails and for all Bookings.

The Live events must be booked by 5 people or more for each event and at least 2 weeks in advance in order that the event may be fully prepared!

So much Love Anandi ❤