The Blue Ray Hermit Shell: The Blue Ray Transformers Why We Need our Alone Time for Ground Zero. We Need to be With the Trees.


Your connection with Gaia is essential in feeling her response within you that empowers your spirit deeply. It is an empathic exchange that recharges, balances and stabilises your energy field. If you have been exposed to many energies, overwhelmed or fatigued this is where it can be released, recalibrated and made sense within your energy field.


Many Blue Rays and sensitive empath Starseeds have a powerful strength in their Earth Gaia connection of having a life as a Native American, indigenous and or elemental being. With innate connections to the elemental, Faeries or fairies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, sprites, gnomes, Tree and earth spirits.


When your energy is telling you its time to be in your own space, and you receive a powerful call from Nature you are tuning into the sacred divine feminine essence of healing. The earth and nature is sending you signals to your empathic etheric field that are codes of healing that are ready to be awakened in your light body.


A tendency for the Blue Ray is to go into the hermit shell, going deeper into the separation of self and the outer worlds. As this has served as protection in your past while here on the Earth plane, now you are learning new ways that empower your abilities and strengths.

Experience the allowance of the harmonisation of your energy field which can require alone and quiet and at the same time start sensing the unified field and law of one also there. Using your intuiting and sensory awareness be open to the unified field and law of one through Nature. Nature and the realms you have been part of on a grander scale will support and nourish you.

The Empath Ultra Sensory Integration
In the New Earth frequency will require the ultra sensitive forerunners and Blue Rays to take some private and alone time. Taking periods of time to be in your own energy field will allow for your new sensory multidimensional upgrade integration. Many of you, the New World Servers, Light Bearers and Blue Rays are the first in experiencing and carrying these expanded resonances field vibrations through for the New Earth 333

Ascension Symptoms Ultra Sensitivity and Emotional
For some Blue Rays, you may find yourself being ultra sensitive and emotional, not being able to hold back, speaking your truth and not being silent anymore.

The Blue Ray of Creation is healing the emotional body through the sacred divine feminine and male integration to strengthen your inner being and heart centre.

At times you may feel alone due to the increase of sensitivity, emotion, and the frequency dimensional shift that can appear as a division.

This space is taking you to your deeper core essence where you connect in the unity field.

Blue Rays work empathically on many dimensions and sensory levels at the same time and when going through a shift, it can feel overwhelming. You may feel more psychically and emotionally vulnerable to outside influences and any negative emotions can affect you.