The full moon of Dec 29 illuminates the end of a tense and stormy year. In uncertain times, creative pathways often open in surprising ways. This is an energising full moon that can open your mind, clear the air, and help you to release the past, and step into the future.The full moon is in the area of the sky called Ardra, a star of intensity, drive and emotional depth. Called the “star of storms,” Ardra has the ability to stir up storms of the heart, while nourishing seeds of true love and devotion. The light of this full moon purifies the atmosphere, clears physical and emotional toxins, and allows for the release of unexpressed anxieties and resentments.Ardra full moon wields the fierce power of Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra – the destroyer – who is armed with lightning bolts that cut through the darkness of ignorance. Rudra holds the power to dissolve fear and doubt with sudden flashes of awareness.On this full moon, love-focused Venus, will join the shadow snake, Ketu, in passionate Scorpio. This alignment can trigger important meetings and separations, and karmic lessons around love and friendship. A courageous step forward can be taken now, as warrior Mars pushes into fiery Aries. Mars is at a very special spiritual degree (vargottama) that amplifies fierce determination and courage in the face of adversity and strife.

All strength & clarity to you & yours on this Full Moon / New Year