Transmutation noun;
the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.

Over the years I have processed many areas of a truly horrific childhood. As I head towards being 50 years old and having experienced two major deaths in the last couple of years I felt I had traversed most emotions….. grief,loss abandonment. So I was ill prepared to be shockingly triggered into a detailed re look at the violence and chronic mistreatment of myself and my twin sister when we were very young girls recently. 

I was immobilised by the graphic detail of what was coming up for me. Deeply re experiencing wounds and pain from decades gone by almost moment by moment. Only emerging from the abyss of these experiences after every emotion, every nuance was felt and seen. I allowed every feeling from rage to uncontrollable tears to come…… not judging myself even remotely. 

In the freedom of my giving myself total space to allow this process I have released and transmuted minute layers of trauma that laid hidden in my psyche for many years. Last night dreaming of my twin sister for the first time since her death and knowing she came through to acknowledge this process is another gift of not denying oneself….. EVER! To see her eyes filled with light and childlike innocence in the dream was all the confirmation I needed. I knew on waking that I too had healed her past trauma from allowing this process in me. Even though she is no longer in a human vessel.

My message to you is that you hold the vibration of healing and all the tools necessary are in your own soul to transmute and heal on a cellular level.

Trust in your own innate ability to heal yourself.

Anandi Sun Dancer