Isis ReturnsThe Switch Will Be Flipped ON during The Lions Gateway.

Recently a Council Of Light Meeting was held and what was different about this meeting was that there were lots of “newbies”….ie Starseeds recently Activated with the Codes for their alignment with their Starseed Purpose/ Mission so that they may re-member, re-align and re-integrate their unique, skills, talents and gifts that they have brought encoded within them for their Main Purpose of Gaia’s Ascension. Indeed I did see many of my recent clients for whom I had channeled the Codes as part of their Starseed Mission Activation session.
The participants of this meeting were in 3 large groups ie The Andromeda Stargate Starseeds, The Arcturus Stargate Starseeds and the Pleiades Stargate Starseeds. Let me explain. When Gaia sent out a Call for assistance with her Ascension the Starseeds that responded came to Gaia via 3 Stargate portals Andromeda, Arcturus and Pleiades. Irrespective of their “home” ie the Star they were ON when they responded to the call, these starseeds all came to Gaia via these 3 stargate portals. It was here they were prepped for the task of Gaia’s Ascension. They were encoded with certain Codes which would be “Activated” at the right time for the successful completion of their purpose. The Portal Openers of these Stargates are NOW bringing through the Keys for the Activation of these very codes ..NOW!!!

Now for the very short and cryptic message that was given in this Council Meeting Of Light.
” There are going to be rapid periods of shifts and change Now and the Switch will be Flipped ON during the LIONS GATEWAY”

Post this announcement I saw that the Merkabas of all attending Starseeds were being activated to enhance a greater Union of Their inner masculine and feminine and the Merkabas took on a BLUE Hue.
I will venture here an explanation based on my own understanding :- Since May 10/11 ie Wesak ie Buddha Moon..Buddha is our Planetary Logos since replacing Sanat Kumara in 1994 as Planetary Logos, we have been experiencing increasing quantities of The Blue Ray Light from source holding the Vibration of 1 ( same as our year of 2017 =1) New Beginnings. It is the Shiva Ray ( Destruction / Shiva being the Monad of this Blue ray) destroys all that no longer serves so that the New may sprout. This Blue Light is being dispensed from source via many vehicles of transference..Solar Flares, waves etc and it will peak During the Lions Gate portal Ie around 26 July-12 August peaking on 8 August ie 8-8 Lions Gate.

Lions Gateway is when Earth aligns with the Galactic Centre to open a Portal of accelerated Ascension opportunities as the High Mind/ Pituitary/Pineal is connected by pure source Light to your High Heart…ie opportunities for the Internal Union of The Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Late June,Early July The Sun -Sirius Conjunct takes place ( not sure of the exact dates this year) which opens a gateway for the Solar Codes of Ascension and Mastery to pour down on us directly via the magnifying presence of Sirius. This will be followed by the Helical Rising of Sirius which opens the Lions gate Way ( Sun enters constellation of Leo) bringing intense light from the Galactic Center to Earth. During the Lions Gate Way Galactic light from the Great Central sun will be amplified via Sirius , which is the entry point also of the Blue ray Light for our planet and anchored via The Pyramid of Giza into the Earths Grids for distribution.
Sirius, also known as the Star of Isis, provides the Vortex of Goddess Energies ( Divine Feminine) through which this Energy enters, for the Birth of New Life, transmutation and and transformation under the blessings of the Mighty Cosmic Mother ISIS.

The Internal Twin Flame Union ie Sacred Marriage of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine is essential for the Birthing of the Seed of Creation / Manifestation of The New Earth. We, the Starseeds are to birth this New Earth by being Master Co-Creators and manifestors.


So getting back to the message, We can now begin to expect Changes at a fast and furious rate. So fasten your seat belts. this Ascension Ride has just has been flagged off….. For the past few weeks we have been undergoing intense purging of the Earth Chakras ie root, sacral and Solar and a simultaneous upgradaton of our Spiritual Chakras ie Pineal Pituitary Throat….and the integration of these lower and higher chakras at the Heart.
The Switch will be flipped ON during The Lions gate Way….what exactly is the connotation here….Lets Wait and watch…shall We 😉


Devyani Singh~Sa Kei Na…/the-switch-will-be…/