The Salamanders are the elemental guardians of fire, they are here to contain and control flames. Fire is the most destructive element on the planet and it is their job to ensure the planets safety from it.

Salamanders also know how to use the force of fire for good. Fire energy allows for renewel and regrowth. Every flame and fire has a guardian Salamander present. Anytime you struggle to light a fire call on a Salamanders help.

“We are the elementals of fire and come forward to bring through our wisdom for you at this time. We beings of fire bring forth the creative energies and the energies of transformation and change. Planet earth is evolving in more ways than one and at this time humanity has a choice whether to stagnate as a race or utilise the available cosmic energies and frequencies that the planet is being bathed with. We salamanders offer our wisdom to those who wish to embrace the new life opportunities presented. We are creators and utilising the element of fire within you will allow you to move out of stagnation and into action and creativity. Call upon the salamander energy when you are manifesting and when you feel sluggish and stuck. We dance with delight within the flames and offer your soul the opportunity to dance with us.”

This is one of 4 pieces of art where I look closely at the elemental world.