To Be Alive in this Beautiful, Self Organising Universe! 

To Participate In The Dance of Life With Senses To Percieve It.

Lungs That Breathe It. 

Organs That Draw Nourishment From It Is A Wonder Beyond Words! 

Joanna Macy

I Wish You All Bright Blessings Abundant As We Glide Into 2020. Everything Intact after the raging storms of years gone by! This is my final artworks of this year and indeed this decade in honour of my Beloved Twin Sister and its name a nod to my Celtic Roots! Thank you to all who have been a part of my journey in the last ten years and to all who have supported my art. May we all be peace and flow effortlessly into 2020.

Emain Macha

Happy New Year To All!

With All My Love