The soul of the world has the blueprint for the connections that need to be made. These connections are not random, but follow a particular pattern and purpose.

Through these connections the light of the soul can flow into new places and awaken individuals to its work. As the pattern of connection grows it will constellate new patterns for life, for the evolving consciousness of the planet.

It is through the connections of individuals and groups that the consciousness of oneness will penetrate our collective consciousness and give form to the future.

Through these connections the light of the soul of the world awakens a new consciousness in those who are accessible. And this Light is the connection… As the light comes alive in humanity, it awakens the connections that belong to oneness.

What is fascinating is how this light has a life of its own, making the connections it needs. There are guardians of the light, and helpers who work with its unfolding. But the light itself knows where it needs to go, the connections it needs to make.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee -The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul.