As times are changing, our truest guide is our own inner truth. It is the compass by which we know what direction to take, which way to move.

On a subtle and not-so-subtle level, we are affected by the thoughts and energies that enter our stream of consciousness, our field.

Some can bring a great sense of expansion, connection and deepening, while others can instill fear, or define reality and our choices in limiting ways that are not empowering.

The purest diet is to drink directly from the mana of Life itself which streams from our own hearts and our own Being.

While our natural tendency is to become explorers of the outer world, seeking connection, guidance and clues in the external world, the exploration of the most quantum intergalactic kind is that of the inner journey within, as we become direct explorers of consciousness.

Thus the true witnessing and beauty unfolds from the lotus of our own heart as it rises to meet us.

And so to say that no matter what the weather report currently is, what the collective energy of the times we are in is, we always have the power to move into a new frequency that allows our full truth to bloom, become unbound and simultaneously held in the Real prairie of vibration and feeling.

Step by step, tuning in to our own Self for the guidance that is directly available to us.

And above all, by staying true.

Like Shakespeare said, “To Thine Own Self Be True.”

We have the power. We can discern. We can choose what to take in. We can become conscious of when and where we give our power away by believing that somebody else knows more or better what is right for us.

Time to become ever so vigilant to our sovereignty and our ability to choose what is right for us.

Mystic Mamma