Imagine…. … if you will, a ring around the planet, much like the rings around Saturn.

Imagine that this ring consists of spiritual stardust, glittering and dancing against an illumined sky. It blesses the earth with a pulsating power, extracting fear from every darkened corner and pouring forth love on every hungry heart.

This ring is woven from threads of love, words of inspiration, feelings of forgiveness, prayers for peace and hours of meditation. And this ring is not just metaphor, or the vain imaginings of a hopeful soul.

It is an actual forcefield, more powerful than anything made by merely mortal hands.

It is the product of the collective yearning to pool our spiritual resources in the service of a world made new. It is a rich and meaningful, eminently practical contribution to the miraculous transformation of our world.

Imagine…. … millions of people throughout the world, joined in small, intimate circles of spiritual support, praying together, meditating together, envisioning a healed and peaceful world, creating among its members a sense of sacred communion.

Imagine these circles meeting regularly, like tiny clusters of grace, forming together a mystical grid of love and light around the planet.

Marianne Williamson