Hi I’m Anandi Sun Dancer.

I am a visionary in service to the upliftment of all. Prints of my art and photography are available in various size and format.

My process of creating digital art is as part of sacred ceremony.

I am influenced heavily by Mother Nature and Natural phenomena. Celestial skies and movements of Light that naturally occur from moment to moment. Almost anything can inspire me. Every part of the day has a differing Light ,a new tone,a new shade. I love to capture all manner of colours in my work. I wish to look at art and at life and see beauty. I wish to create art that soothes and warms others’ souls.

Before I begin any piece of art I align with great spirit and ask that I be a pure vehicle of divine Love. I am incredibly aesthetic in every area of my physical life and gather feathers,oils, resins, candles and all manner of beautiful crystals large and small to create an altar. I speak mantras as I am guided to burn specific aromas, maybe the leaves collected from the sacred tree of wisdom or sacred Mayan copal. I close my eyes,inhale this beautiful scene and vibration and then I begin!

Lately I have been creating art for particular websites and my process of ceremony has been the same,and the colours and likes of that person have come through in a beautiful and magical way.

My art is abstract yet with the running theme through every piece of my deep relationship to light and colour. If you are interested in having art created for your website or you would like to purchase my art please click on the “get connected” section of the homepage.

My journey in this lifetime has been solely through some art form or another and I spent the first decade of my working life as a trance Dj. I have evolved this craft over 25 years and I now facilitate sacred dance ceremony. My work is mainly with women and my trance dance ceremonies are currently women only. For me dance is the most effective way of effortlessly connecting us with our deepest knowing, our higher selves .the Source within. My most profound kundalini experiences have occurred when in dance meditation.


“I believe that dance is the oldest, noblest and most cogent of the arts. I believe that dance is the most perfect symbol of the activity of God and her angels. I believe that dance has the power to heal, mentally and physically. I believe that true education in the art of dance is education of the whole woman”
Ted Shawn

“Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Nothing else can so effectively give outward form to an inner experience. Poetry and music exist in time. Painting and architecture are a part of space But only the dance lives at once in both space and time. In it the creator and the thing created, the artist and the expression, are one. Each participant is completely in the other. There could be no better metaphor for an understanding of the…cosmos.”

Lyall Watson, Gifts of Unknown Things



All of our lives have led US to this moment of the shift of ages! Where we as a whole transcend this lower vibrational illusion and align with our highest calling which is Love. Everyday more and more souls are awakening to their true calling, my job is to help via the medium of sound and light to anchor them through this process of shedding the lower vibrational skin in order that they may anchor themselves and We Light up the grid for The New Day of Oneness.

The Awakening is only the first part of the process. What comes after this is the collapse of the old and sometimes there is fear, through sacred ceremony, rituals and connectedness we can traverse this period in peace and allow the old paradigm to be transmuted. It’s a process which we all have to navigate.

I offer a way of connecting to the source of all things and the eternal seat of power within our own  soul by facilitating sacred trance dance ceremonies.

In my trance music sessions you will be taken on an inner journey unto yourself. Setting your  intention on your  divine blueprint and the highest good of all, we take this journey as part of a group in a safe place where you will have created your own sacred area with your favourite stones,incense pictures or anything that fills you with a sense of peace and serenity. I will ask you to set your personal  intention and invite you to take your inner journey with a live 2 hour uninterrupted musical landscape. This supports deeply shifting consciousness and letting go of old thought waves and also the rising of Kundalini. As part of this process we will have quiet reflective moments towards the end of the ceremony,where we will use our breathe to anchor and connect these higher expressions to both Gaia and the crystalline matrix.

My trance music ceremonies logistically must be booked by interested groups of 5 or more and at least 2 weeks in advance so that I may prepare and or travel to the area. For more details or to book this ceremony please email me at anandisundancer@gmail.com

I very much look forward to sharing more of my journey with you over the coming months and hearing about your journey. So much Love to each and every brave soul making this giant leap of consciousness!