Hi I’m Anandi Sun Dancer.

I am a visionary in service to the upliftment of all. Prints of my art and photography are available in various size and format.

My process of creating digital art is as part of sacred ceremony.

I am influenced heavily by Mother Nature and Natural phenomena. Celestial skies and movements of Light that naturally occur from moment to moment. Almost anything can inspire me. Every part of the day has a differing Light ,a new tone,a new shade. I love to capture all manner of colours in my work. I wish to look at art and at life and see beauty. I wish to create art that soothes and warms others’ souls.

Before I begin any piece of art I align with great spirit and ask that I be a pure vehicle of divine Love. I am incredibly aesthetic in every area of my physical life and gather feathers,oils, resins, candles and all manner of beautiful crystals large and small to create an altar. I speak mantras as I am guided to burn specific aromas, maybe the leaves collected from the sacred tree of wisdom or sacred Mayan copal. I close my eyes,inhale this beautiful scene and vibration and then I begin!

Lately I have been creating art for particular websites and my process of ceremony has been the same,and the colours and likes of that person have come through in a beautiful and magical way.

My art is abstract yet with the running theme through every piece of my deep relationship to light and colour. If you are interested in having art created for your website or you would like to purchase my art please click on the “get connected” section of the homepage.